“Welcome to the Northeast Cracker Barrel Net, the friendliest net on the air.  We meet daily at 1900 Eastern (1830 in the winter) on 3.828 Megahertz. Please join our family of friends who are genuinely interested in each other’s welfare.  We regularly discuss our daily activities and challenges, the weather (of course), technical subjects,   current events and many other topics.  You are just as likely to be asked what you had for dinner as what the weather is at your QTH.  This net is truly like a group of friends sitting around the cracker barrel at an early 1900’s country store.  Although we are the “Northeast” Cracker Barrel Net, we welcome any and all stations  that can hear us.”


a little history

According to Chuck WB2ULV, The NECBN was started in 1972/73 by a woman named Jean Kittenden. Her callsign was WA2BGE.  Back then members of good standing were given certificates. Chuck was a charter member with a #116.  Some net managers were WA1OAM Clark Scammon, W1NUT Phil, and W1ALE Ted Edward.  Around 2005/06 WB2ULV Chuck became net manager where he remained until ????  According to K2QNU, Ted liked to transpose the letters of the QTH of different check-ins.  For example K1WTX’s QTH would be Renrut, sounding like something from the book  Wind In the Willows.