Active Cracker #’s and equipment

004 WB2ULV  Chuck
130 K1PAI  Roger
160 N2SMB  Mark    Icom 7100 mobile and a hamstick
186 W1LTX  Bob

187 K1WTX  Jerry
Kenwood TS-590sg Kenwood TS-140 SGC 2020 qrp rig
75m homebrew dipole at 25′ high.
160m 260′ homebrew off center fed dipole for all bands at 35′ avg. height.
Mosley TA-53m 4 element beam for 20 through 10 meters at 45′ high

188 K2QNU  Jay
189 KG1Q   Mark
190 NJ1Y  Don              Kenwood TS-2000    Cobra Junior

193 W2RES  Ron
Yaesu FT-991 Tranceiver MFJ 994BRT remote tuner at the antenna base 40M full wave OCF Windom for 40m, 75/80m, and 160m DX Eng Hex Beam for 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m on Yaesu Yaesu G-1000DXA rotator. Home made loop fed array Yagi with reflector and director for 6m on Channel Master rotator Diamond vertical for 2m, 70cm, Ameritron RCS-4 remote antenna switch.

194 K1HZR  Joe
195 AA2TS  Bill
196 W1AEM  Matt       Swan 350
200 KC1EUJ  Kurt     Yaesu FT dx 1200 Antenna : OCF 80 – 6 Off Set Dipole with 4:1 Balun ( 135Ft long – 90 ft on one leg & 45 on the other)

201 N1JXQ  Ron  Kenwood TS-590   75 meter delta loop sloper tuned to 3921 khz and  5 band fan dipole
202 KA1WRM  Paul     Yaesu FT-450 & FT-747GX   270’OCF Windom & an Ultimax 100.
203 W1LMT  Pasha      IC-7000  to an 80 meter dipole

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