at The Berghof

Here is another picture you might enjoy. It is from 1980, and those are
my sons (Bill on the right is now 50 and Ed is 47).  We are exploring
the ruins of Hitlers home (The Berghof) on the Obersazburg.  We were
staying up the hill at the Army Special Services Hotel, the “General
Walker”, which during the war had been the “Platterhof” where officials
visiting Hitler stayed when on the Obersalzburg.  We did not see the
“Entrit Verboten” signs which are on the driveway to the house since we
climbed down the hill.

Ed and I were back there in 2006 and stayed at the “Zum Tuerken” which
is right next door to the ruins. Actually that is where Hitler’s
bodyguard stayed.  The hotel was taken by the state in the 30’s, and
Frau Scharfenberg who is the current owner said it took her family until
the late 1950’s to get their property back. The ruins of Hitlers house
are still there and we saw guided tours of the Nazi sites on the
Obersalzburg, however the Platterhof aka General Walker is now a parking
lot and Goering’s Hill is a luxury hotel.


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