revised preamble

Calling the Northeast Cracker Barrel Net.  Net control is<call>and my name is <name>

We meet at this time on or about this frequency every night and go two rounds.

We are not a traffic net but will pass any emergency or priority traffic. Is there any?



Calling the Northeast Crackerbarrel Net, I am the net control for this evening. My name  is <Name> and my call is <Call>. This net is a directed rag chew net and has been running since 1973 to promote brotherhood in amateur radio. All are welcome. I will take check-ins at the start of the net and as we proceed. We will run through the list of check-ins twice.

So far I have the following stations checked in. <Read the list>

Are there any others who wish to check in to the Northeast Crackerbarrel Net? Please call now.

Are there any stations with emergency or priority traffic? Please call now.

<Optional> Intro comments and “tonight’s topic is”


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