31 Unique Natural Features To Visit in Maine

Water Falls:

Bagaduce Falls – Brooksville

Basin Cove Falls – Harpswell

Blue Hill Falls – Blue Hill

The Cataracts – Andover West Surplus

Dunn Falls – Andover West Surplus

Rumford Falls – Rumford

Moxie Falls – Moxie Gore

Screw Auger Falls – Bowdoin College Grant East

Smalls Falls – Township E

Step Falls – Newry

Sheepscot Reversing Falls – Alna


Bingham Esker – Bingham

Chesterville Esker – Chesterville

The Whaleback – Aurora

The Horseback – Aurora


Coos Canyon – Swift River Byron

Gulf Hagas “Grand Canyon of the East” – West Branch of the Pleasant River Bowdoin College Grant East

Kennebec River Gorge – Moxie Gore, West Forks, The Forks – Only accessible by white water raft or very experience kayaker

Ripogenus Gorge – West Branch Penobscot River

Snow Falls Gorge – West Paris

Baxter State Park:

Baxter Peak

The Knife Edge

The Table Land


Biddeford Pool – Biddeford

Height of the Land – Township D

The Great Heath – Columbia

Maiden Cliff – Camden

Great Salt Bay – Damariscotta

Silsby Plain – Aurora

Somes Sound – Mt. Desert

The Traveler – T5 R9 WELS

Suggested by KA1WRM July 2021

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