September 11, 2021

One of the ironies of my life is that on the morning of 9-11, I was on Monhegan Island participating in a Mass Casualty Drill with Maine Emergency Medical Services, The Maine Marine Patrol, USCG Station Boothbay and USCG Group Portland  as well as local EMS, residents and fishermen.USCG Group Portland was represented by the USCG 110′ Island Class Cutter Wrangell.

At approximately 09;00, the Wrangell sounded 5 short whistle blasts – International Danger Signal and immediately applied “flank” speed to execute a 180 degree turn to Port and headed South at her best speed of 29 knots enroute to Long Island Sound and New York Harbor.Shortly thereafter all additional participants in the exercise were advised of the events at the World Trade Center. Immediately the Drill was cancelled and all Units were advised to prepare for possible assistance in the greater New York City area.

An additional irony is that immediately following the first World Trade Center bombing I was flying directly over New York City in a Beechcraft King Air doing a fixed wing Air Ambulance Medical Flight. The Emergency response was very evident and we had our “Mercy Flight” flight plan altered by the Air Traffic Control Center.

Paul – KA1WRM

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