Hi ron:

                Sorry I didn’t realize how long a list it was, and I had to leave before you got to me on the list.

                We had a pretty good soaking with rain here, last night, and early morning. I ended up with 1.41 inches of rain, and maybe more to follow tomorrow.

                I started out reading books in Braille as a child. I was a fast reader, and still am, but these books were very large, about three braille pages equal to one page of print. I still have and use several mechanical braille writers which I use for brailling short documents I need, and when I keep a log, it’s using one of these devices. As a kid, I would also listen to recorded books on a record player called a talking book. They would run at speed 16 slower than an LP. These days, I listen to audio books on a special player that I get from my local library for the blind, and you insert a cartridge into the machine, and it’s like a thumb drive, where you can listen to six books from one cartridge. I read every day, and it’s great to listen to a book, while using my tredmill. I like fiction, spy and detective stories, and World War II fiction, or the Korian or Viet Nam war. I also listened to the Hobbit, and Lord Of The Rings, in a dramatic format. I enjoy books by David balducci, Mike Connely, and the Jack Reacher Series by Lee Child. So that’s it. Please excuse any spelling errors on my part.



Cracker 130

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