Sunday night topic

Hi group.  Although I’m still having some Covid symptoms, I would like to try and run tonight’s net.  We may have broached this subject before but I’d like to do “plan gone awry”.  Could be something when you were a teenager or young adult or an older adult.  I’ll tell you mine since I won’t want to talk a lot tonight.  When I was a young adult a raising a family I bought a model sailboat with working sails, rudder.  This was before radio control became popular.  I took it with my wife and two kids to the Portage Lakes in my hometown and proceeded to set the rudder and launch away with the hopes that the boat would sail in the wind around in circles and stay near shore where I could grab it.  Well the boat had a mind of it’s own and sailed off into the wild blue never to be seen by me again.  I always bemoaned that experience until I just recently thought that if some young boy or girl had found my boat that outcome would have been quite well.


1830 hrs. 3932 kilo hertz


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