an array of topics

I am sure, some of you NCOs think I am beating you up on the subject of Net topics. 

So here are 50 plus, that my wife and I have worked out, just to give you ideas. 

Use them, ignore them, modify them or throw them out. Your choice. 

Yes, some have been used in the last 5-6 years and some are of no interest to YOU. That’s okay they are just ideas. 

2) Cursive writing. Most of us here learned it. Schools have dropped it 

and now talking about bringing it back. Do you think all should be taught cursive? 

  • 1)  Does/did, as the case may be, your wife(s) have special skills? IE: Nurse, Doctor, Welder, School bus driver etc.
  • 2)  At what age, if any, do you feel kids should leave the nest. Most folks our ages could not wait to get away from home and parents. To be “free”. That does not seem to be the case today.

1) Broken bone(s) – Have you ever had any. Which bone(s) and how did 

it happen. 

1) Do multiples run in your family? IE: Twins, Triplets etc. 

1) This one takes a little work on your part – use the WEB. Some of the countries of the World are now known by names that we did not know them by when in school – IE: Burma is now Myanmar. Research one and bring in to the Net. 

1) Do you enjoy food preparation?
3) Do you feel the World would have been better off as an agrarian 

society rather than an industrial one? 4) 

5) Can you swim? Do you know CPR?
7) Do you do any of the “manly” arts? Boxing, wrestling, martial arts 

etc. 8) 

9) 10) Do you think Society should pull out the stops for a lost hiker who 

goes hiking with only a cellphone or the boater who goes out in the hurricane etc.? Or do you believe we have some responsibility to prepare ourselves before such activities? 

12) 11) Slogans; many organizations have them; IE; U.S. Coast Guard – 

Semper Paratus (Always Ready) What is your favorite? 13) 

14) 12) New England has 2 “major” auto roads – Mountain Washington and Cadillac Mountain. The USA and perhaps the World have others – Pike’s Peak. Have you done any? 

1) 13) Many countries have “national service”; IE: Switzerland, Israel. Do you think the USA should have it and why? 

3) 14) Favorite President (Politics aside, please) – Who and why? What 

do you think was/is their greatest accomplishment? 4) 

5) 15) It’s over (at least we hope, until next season) SNOW. How to you get rid of it; shovel, plow, snow blow or contract? 

7) 16) Name one item (one will do nicely) that you think we will never 

see again. IE: the manual typewriter. 8) 

9) 17) What are your thoughts on “winner/losers”? Should sports and games be played without them or should, like life, we have them and learn about them? 

11) 18) Should the USA do away with paper money? Secondary question 

do we really need the penny? 12) 

13) 19) Your family – immediate only please. Wife/wives, children with them, grand children, great grand children – numbers and male/ female/etc.? 

15) 20) Natural wonders of the World of which we have a few, The Grand 

Canyon, Niagara Falls, Great Salt Lake etc. What have you seen? Bonus points, World natural wonders, Himalayas, Sahara etc. what have you seen? 

17) 21)Are you a paperless bill payer or do you still still receive 

statements and pay by check? Maybe you do not have bills or only use 

“cash”? 18) 

19) 22) “Muslims and Christians” have been at it over a 1000 years, do you think we will ever get along? 

21) 23) Cost or availability is NO object! What two (three at the most – 

please) vehicles would you like to own.? AC Cobra, M-60 Tank, 

Me-109, Submarine etc. 22) 

24) 24) Of the Great Empires (Rome, Greece, British etc.) which one 

might you have liked to live in, why? 25) 

26) 25) We are going to add one new President to Mount Rushmore – first have you seen it, who might that President be? 

28) 26) Movie Theaters – If available do you prefer indoor or drive -in? 

1) 27) Racing – Indy, NASCAR, Drag, MC, Dirt or other; what do you watch? What have you done? 

3) 28) Rent or Own? In a few brief words, explain to a young person 

why you would choose one or the other. 

1) 29) Everyone should keep a few food items on hand for that blizzard, hurricane etc. event. Name an item or two you would recommend to anyone just starting their cache. 

3) 30) If such a meeting was possible, what skill could you teach the Net/ 

Group? Sewing, fire building, water skiing etc. 

1) 31) Movies, we have all noted our favorites – multiple times. But what ONE movie would you call your worse or not recommend it, even to your worst friend? 

3) 32) Regardless in your belief in God, Gods, afterlife etc. Can a person 

have a “near death” experience? 4) 

5) 33) Politics being what they are we are charged with removing one National Monument; IE: Rushmore, Washington, Lincoln Iwo Jima etc. Which one would you choose? 



7) 34) Should there be strictly enforced requirements to graduate High 

School IE: read at least 10th grade level, know how to count change, 

know CPR & Basic 1st Aid etc.? 8) 

9) 35) Many of us made models in our youth (plastic, balsa etc.). What was your favorite car, boat, aircraft model. Perhaps you never did models. 

11) 36) We are generally not supposed to speak ill of the dead. But what 

historical figure (Hitler, Stalin, Genghus Khan etc.) do you think was 

the most evil? Why? 12) 

14) 37) Two great canals in the World – Suez and Panama, loads of lesser 

ones. Have you ever seen or better yet, traversed one or more? 15) 

16) 38) You are on a solo whitewater canoe camping trip and you dump your canoe in the rapids. Other than yourself what SINGLE item do you try to save and why? 

18) 39) Renaissance/Medieval Fairs or “Live Steel”/Joust events have you 

ever been to any? 19) 

20) 40) If you exercise what is your favorite? Biking, swimming, walking etc. 

22) 41) Any of your vehicles have “vanity” plates? Does your State have 

Ham plates? 23) 

24) 42) Count the States, how many have you been too? Countries? Bragging rights question :-), :-), 🙂 

26) 43) Have you ever done jury duty or sat on a Grand Jury?
28) 44) What new National Park would you like to see be created? 29)
30) 45) Cruises – World, Caribbean, Canal, Alaska etc. Done any or 

interested in any? 31) 

32) 46) Drones, do you own/use them? 33) 

34) 47) What Is It? Attach a photo, to your topic email of 2-3 unusual items and let people try to identify them. 

36) 48) Generators – Hams tend to lean a little more to being prepared. Do 

you have a generator(s) – hardwired, portable suitcase style or larger – 

fuel type diesel, gas, propane? 37) 

38) 49) Two part question – Are you an only child and did you have a “stay at home” Mom? 

40) 50) Postage stamp size lot or 50 acres; how do you trim the verge? 

Landscape or maintenance service now or in your future? 41) 

42) 51) As have many, I have noted that if you search for something on the WEB, shortly after you are inundated with pop-ups for that item/ site/place etc. Simply a marketing ploy or is there a “darker” motive? 

44) 52) Your assignment, should you choose to take it, is to chose a 

Roman, Greek or Viking God/Goddess and research him/her and give 

a brief bio to the Net. 45) 

46) 53) Would you live in an Earth house or converted bomb shelter or missile silo? 

48) 54) Whitewater rafting; have you been? What rivers?
50) 55) Burma Shave Signs – check them out on the WEB and bring us 

your favorite ONE. 51) 

52) 56) Do your believe people have a “inalienable” right to fly a drone with a camera over your property? 

54) 57) Horoscopes, Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards – do you believe/follow 

any of them? Or are they just for fun? 55) 

56) 58) In your younger days did you own/fly U control gas powered airplanes? 

58) 59) Have you ever run a Marathon, done a biathlon or triathlon? 59)
60) 60) I think most here are familiar with firearms in greater or lesser 

degrees. But what about swords, throwing knives, rapiers, tomahawks, 

martial arts or other forms of combat. 61) 

62) 61) Most people tend to be nostalgic at times. What COUPLE items, places or events do you wax nostalgic for? 

63) 64) 


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