N.E. Cracker Barrel Net

Be a net control, itís easy; just say:

1. It’s time folks for the Northeast CrackerBarrel Net to be called to order.
2. Your Net Control for this evening is ( callsign) . . . . . my name is ( ) . . . . . I’m located in ( )
3. This net meets 365 days a year on 3.921 MHZ at 1900 hours local time summer and 1830 hours in the winter.
4. This net is dedicated to rag chewing and the better principles of ham radio. We’re a friendly bunch and we
discuss things from the everyday and the ordinary to the technical. We’re mostly entertaining, hardly ever boring and sometimes actually funny.
Above all, We do take an interest in one anotherís welfare. You do not have to be a member of the Net, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in and we encourage anyone to do so !
5. The net control will have an original call-up to start, then we will have periodic call-ups as we go through the roster.The net will continue for two go-arounds with band conditions permitting. Although we are not a traffic net, we will pass any emergency traffic that arises on the net. Before the call up,are there any stations with emerg. or priority traffic?

Before the call up, list the stations heard in the pre-net.

6. Now is there anyone that would like to check in, please call ( ).
7. Start the net and have fun.
8. Call for check-ins every four ot five stations in the rotation.
9. Now turn the net over to regular amateur use, 73.


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